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Fashion / Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

I vividly remember being 9 years old watching the Brit Awards in sheer amazement at the wonder that was Geri Halliwell absolutely owning life in THAT union jack dress, I was mesmerised. Was that the start of my love for fashion? Who knows, all I know was that’s the very first stand out WOW fashion moment I remember in my life, looking back it’s probably not a prime example of what a 9 year old should be aspiring to wear right enough.

After that as the years flew by in a flurry of seriously unfashionable moments from myself (any other gals go through the full tracksuit tucked into socks phase, or was that just us Glasgow gals?) behind closed doors I managed to change my fashions DON’TS into DO’S as my love for the iconic Sex and The City blossomed. As a 14 year I remember watching it in my bedroom with the TV on mute so my parents wouldn’t hear the numerous sex scenes, which totally made me cringe LOL. I was all about the fashion. I still believe to this day the show was the pinnacle of style on TV and defined a new age generation of seriously fashion savvy women.

It was no real surprise that I ended up working in fashion, yes I ditched the ultimate glamour of journalism and shorthand for the glitz and glamour of personal shopping. When I was 19 I worked in the coolest (most overpriced) boutique in Glasgow. I had never been a personal shopper and wow did I get a shock, I had no idea until that job the importance and the meaning that clothes held in some peoples lives. It was there I learned exactly how rewarding it could be helping someone select the perfect treasured piece for their wardrobe.

I carried on in my fashion quest and became more and more interested in how women shop and how good it could make us feel. I don’t mean this in a shallow flippant ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ manner no I’m not talking about buying for the sake of obtaining that buyers feel good rush, I’m talking about self love, self confidence and self worth. All massive aspects of a women’s life that she can project just from the outfit she chooses to wear that day. I’m a strong believer in feeling good from the inside out and I guarantee every woman I know has a feel good outfit. That one outfit you know you could take on the world in, the one pair of heels that make you feel like the ultimate girl boss, that one pair of jeans that make you stop and think damnnn as you look in the mirror.

I want you to stop and think do you have that in your life? Do you have an outfit? an accessory? a bag that makes you feel unstoppable? If the answer is no then my mission is to help you. Finally in 2018 girl power has come full circle and women have more power and control than ever. Now I’m not saying you’ll see me strutting my stuff in a union jack mini dress any time soon but I am saying  that Miss Halliwell circa 1997 is  definitely someone we should all be channeling (kind of on a smaller scale)  I want to be the kind of women who is unapologetic in who she is right down to the the clothes that I wear. Style is such a personal thing that showcases to the world a massive part of who you are and I think that in itself is wonderful.

I feel like this topic warrants a part deux purely because the ethos behind this is to explain how my passion for style and fashion truly went out the window when I discovered I was pregnant, I could write a whole post detailing the amount of time I spent miserable in sports leggings but I’ll refrain from putting anyone through that. Instead I’ll tell you this is just the beginning, the next blog post I write will be for all my mamas. I see you, I know the struggle is real, I know the last thing you’re thinking about when you’ve been up all night with a baby is a perfect outfit of the day, I know that you feel like you’ve sometimes lost  your identity (I promise I do too) but I’m going to do my best to change that…..stay tuned,


Love always,

  Lauren xx


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